Distilled spirits epicenter houses Grease Monkey Distillery, Moonshine University and Challenge Bottling. Tradition meets innovation when time-honored craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology combine to create the optimal conditions for small-batch distilling.


Welcome to Distilled Spirits Epicenter, an international distilling center located in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. Here, we provide a comprehensive experience in the time-honored craft of distilling. The Epicenter has something for everyone with a passion for the craft, from Moonshine University, where visitors study the methods used to derive, hone and layer flavors, to our fully-equipped Grease Monkey Distillery, available to test formulations, create prototype batches, experiment with processing or run full productions.

Artisan distilling is a hands-on experience that allows craft distillers ample room to fine-tune flavors and experiment with applications. The science behind distilling spirits is as distinct as it is fascinating, and our staff honors the craft by passing it on using professional, collaborative methods. In addition, Distilled Spirits Epicenter encompasses Challenge Bottling, a highly-flexible bottling line versatile to handle smaller production runs and challenging projects. Our state-of-the-art product development services offer the opportunity for our clients to collaborate with our experts to create, prototype, and distill spirits of all kinds.