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Distilled Spirits Epicenter ® is the Home of Moonshine University, GreaseMonkey Distillery, and Challenge Bottling.

Distilled Spirits Epicenter ® is an international distilling center located in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. We provide a one-of-a-kind experience in the time-honored craft of distilling. The Epicenter has something for everyone with a passion for the craft on both the science and art side of distilling. From Moonshine University, where visitors learn how to build, open, and run their own distilleries, to our fully-equipped Grease Monkey Distillery, which when not in use for classes, is available to develop mash bills, create prototype batches, experiment with processing, or for full run productions.

Distilled Spirits Epicenter ® is the home to over 50 industry experts who help out with classes, productions, and every facet of the alcohol production industry.

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Moonshine University
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Grease Monkey Distillery
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Challenge Bottling
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Challenge Bottling

Low-Volume Production. High-Volume Flavor.

Challenge Bottling is a custom built bottling line to service producers with low volume needs. Our highly-flexible bottling line is designed to handle both alcohol and non-alcohol products and can run packaging from 50ml to 2 gallon bottles.

Challenge Bottling is a natural extension of the start through finish® vision of Distilled Spirits Epicenter ® and Flavorman, who try to give every producer the best chance possible to make it in the various beverage markets.

Our bottling line’s versatility is designed to allow clients with limited resources get to market when traditional contract manufacturers are not an option due to high production minimums.

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